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Our Typical Clients

  • Want to delegate the details of their financial planning and investment management to an expert so they can spend their time on the things that matter most to them.
  • Are savers who have accumulated investment and retirement assets of $100,000 or more (excluding real estate).
    • No minimum is required for those seeking Comprehensive Financial & Retirement Planning, or Financial & Retirement Planning Snapshot. See Our Primary Services page.
    • Family members of existing clients are also typically exempt from minimums. Contact us if you have other special circumstances.
  • Are age 50 or older, and are either retired, or want to know when they will be able to decide if they want to retire or not.
  • Appreciate an advisor with a strong tax background who can help them make tax-smart decisions and save on taxes.
  • Want an advisor who works with a limited number of clients, because they value having a personal relationship with their advisor.
  • Are looking for a long-term relationship, rather than dealing with a new person every time they connect.

We Probably Won’t Be a Good Fit if You…

  • Are looking for the next hot stock tip.
  • Want an advisor that wears a suit and tie.
  • Are looking for advisor with a fancy chrome and glass office.
  • You can’t understand why your advisor takes weekends off and may take an occasional vacation.

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